Blood Clot Risk During Pregnancy

Question of the Day:

Why are pregnant women more likely to form blood clots as compared to non-pregnant women?

Pregnancy is a big risk factor for the development of blood clots. The body experiences so many physiological changes during pregnancy, including increased amounts of hormones like estrogen circulating throughout the system. This can increase the concentration of clotting factors and heighten the propensity for blood clot development during pregnancy.

Additionally, as the uterus grows in size during pregnancy, more pressure is placed on certain vessels in the pelvis and lower extremities further heightening the risk for blood clots.

Do you want to learn more about blood clots? Check out my past interviews with CNN and Prevention about other risk factors for blood clot development. Both quick reads with great information.

Remember, if you have a concern about your risk for blood clots, see your doctor immediately!


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