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Welcome to SuperModelMD! I was inspired to create this blog for a few reasons. First reason, some years back one of my favorite patients who was just an absolute joy to take care of would always jokingly greet me by calling me Dr. SuperModel. He was one of those patients that would always brighten up your day and try to put a smile on your face despite all the serious health problems being faced. He was a young patient who had a cancer diagnosis, and unfortunately did not make it. We all definitely have those special patients that truly touch us and make practicing medicine seem even more meaningful and bring a very special joy to us. So, my blog is partly a dedication to those patients who leave indelible marks on any physician and truly impact the way one practices medicine for the better.

Additionally, the words super model should not solely evoke the image of a famous fashion model. Really take a brief moment to think about the two words “super model”. A wonderful model, great example, or representation of something very special. To me, those two words represent a call for action for us all to challenge ourselves to be super and magnificent role models to the best of our human ability. In any given path you take in life, always aim to become a better person and do amazing things with your talents and life calling in the hopes of inspiring and impacting someone else’s life positively. My goal is to ultimately empower you with helpful health information to strive towards living your best and healthiest life possible.

Finally, yep I’ll admit that I also enjoy keeping up with the latest beauty, fashion, and wellness trends. So, my blog is also partially an ode to beauty, health, wellness, and the fascinating intersection of all those worlds. So it makes sense now right? SuperModelMD! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the site where I will be sharing my health tips, articles, and other fun updates.

-Dr. Nesochi– SuperModelMD

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