SuperModelMD on Hello Nigeria discussing beauty, fashion, & your health!

I joined the lovely host of Hello Nigeria, Olive E Modi for a celeb chat discussing some of the dangers of certain beauty products and fashion trends. Tune in below to find out how certain trends may be dangerous for your health!

Green screen mode!


One of my golden rules of beauty and fashion: “You should never have to sacrifice or jeopardize your health in the name of beauty or fashion. Your health and well-being must always be a priority—this is a non-negotiable rule for me and should be for everyone. Beauty should never equate to pain or suffering. So if there is anything in your current beauty regimen that you’ve identified that is adversely impacting your health, you need to change it immediately.”  Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe quoted in a Reader’s Digest interview


Amazing glam session with my makeup artist extraordinare #BeautyByLuch…

Behind the scenes in the graffiti background green room with Hello Nigeria producer Onyeka Valentine!


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