Dr. Nesochi talks about vaginismus on Marie Claire.

Vaginismus affects of 1 in 10 women in the UK: expert guidance for dealing with it, if that’s you

by: Ally Head

For women who experience vaginismus, you’ll likely experience cramp in your pelvic floor muscles, which can make your vagina feel closed.

“Okeke-Igbokwe agrees, further adding that it can mean your vaginal muscles spasm involuntarily. “Essentially, you don’t have control over these recurrent muscle spasms or contractions,” she explains.”


“Okeke-Igbokwe agrees, adding that the aetiology of the condition is unclear. “However, conditions like anxiety disorders may contribute to ongoing problems with vaginismus,” she explains. “The condition may also occur in those who have experienced sexual trauma and fear sexual intercourse, or those who have had pelvic surgery or pelvic injuries during childbirth.” “

Full article on Marie Claire UK


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