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Thigh Job

A thigh job is a sexual act where a person’s genitals are stimulated by the thighs of one’s partner, explains Christopher Ryan Jones, PsyD, a clinical sex therapist.

Thigh jobs are also sometimes referred to as femoral (presumably named as such for the femoral artery in your thigh—hi, femur) intercourse or intercural sex.

Ironically, a thigh job is actually considered “outercourse” as it’s sans vaginal or anal penetration, explains Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, M.D, M.S, physician and health expert. “Those engaging in this sexual act typically deem it to be a safer, low risk, yet still enjoyable alternative to penetrative sex,” she adds.

While a thigh job conventionally refers to a penis being stimulated between thighs, you could also have a thigh job where a vagina-haver’s clitoris is stimulated by thighs as well. (See also: dry humping.) It’s just that for some reason though, we tend to equate any sex act ending with “job” with penises. Sexism, TBH.


Start by rubbing your thighs against your partner’s genitals as foreplay, says Jones. Once erect, you can place their penis between your thighs and move in motions similar to intercourse, moving along the entirety of their shaft until orgasm. Just be careful not to clamp down on your boo’s testicles, which is a possibility given some of the positioning, Jones adds. It’s basically titty f*cking but with your thighs!

One important note: Lube is gonna be your MVP during a thigh job. “Your thighs do not naturally lubricate themselves, so you’ll need a little help,” explains Myi Baker, sex expert, founder of Lady Luxxe, and host of sex ed podcast “Quickies with Myi.” You’ll want to use a long-lasting lube like silicone or oil-based (coconut oil is great here) to prevent friction or heat rashes with skin rubbing against skin.

One cool thing about the ol’ TJ though: because it’s not your vagina, you can experiment with a lot more in the lube department here than you normally can. While flavored lubes and sex gels might cause your pH to get knocked out of whack, your thigh skin is pretty sturdy, so you can experiment with stuff you normally might skip. Lube with a warming or cooling sensation will add more sensation into the mix, and slippery foods like syrups or whipped cream can be worth trying here as well, adds Baker. Just make sure you do not double dip and go into vaginal penetration without showering afterwards if you do break out the food.



Cowgirl Thigh Job: Straddle your partner while they’re seated or lying down and keep your legs closed while you bounce up and down —kinda like a lap dance. This posish is perfect for making out or steamy eye contact.

Reverse Cowgirl Thigh Job: The same as the above but facing away. Great for showing off your backside, and gives your partner the chance to hold your hips and come in for an assist when you get tired.

Spooning Thigh Job: Your partner enters from behind while you’re both lying on your sides.

Missionary Thigh Job: Missionary, but with you or your partner humping or grinding to stimulate their penis.

Doggy Thigh Job: Get on your stomach with a pillow under your hips and have your partner enter your thighs from behind. This variation offers you the bonus of reaching around and being able to stroke your partner’s penis while he thrusts, explains Baker.

Standing Thigh Job: Depending on your heights, your partner might be able to stand and thrust between your thighs, says Jones. If you wanna take a break or have your partner take the controls for a bit, this is a great way to switch it up.


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In sex researcher C.A. Tripp’s book, The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, Tripp mentions that Lincoln engaged in femoral intercourse as proof that Lincoln was gay. Whether or not Lincoln was gay because he had a thigh job seems like a reach, as women have thighs too… obvi.

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