Dr. Nesochi discusses mask and vaccination mandates on Forbes.

Most Americans Now Support Mask And Vaccination Mandates. Which Companies Will Follow Their Lead?

by: Edward Segal


Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, M.D., is a health media expert and CEO of an internal medicine practice. She said,

‘The message to business leaders is quite clear. Essentially, if you would like employees to return to work in person during this pandemic, then you better create the safest work environment possible [where] there is no threat to any employee’s health. From a business leader’s perspective, the economic toll on a company having a Covid outbreak [among] employees can also be a huge detriment to the company. Not only will it disrupt business operations, but it may place a company in crisis mode.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic has placed an unprecedented demand for business leaders to re-evaluate their crisis management and contingency plans. The bottom line is that from a health perspective, no masks and no vaccinations especially [amind] this current delta surge may have life threatening consequences for all,” she warned.

‘From a business management perspective, no masks and no vaccinations ultimately may lead to major economic and financial risk for any company,” Okeke-Igbokwe predicted.

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