Ask SuperModelMD®: I Don’t Think I Have Breast Cancer, Do I Still Need A Mammogram?

Ask SuperModelMD®: I Don’t Think I Have Breast Cancer, Do I Still Need A Mammogram?

Published December 12, 2023 on Bella Naija




Dear SuperModelMD®,

I’m a woman in my early 50s and I must admit that I’ve never had a breast mammogram. It’s been a long time since I’ve even seen a doctor for a check-up, but I always feel healthy and I have never noticed any lumps or problems with my breasts. My close friend has been urging me to get a mammogram, especially since one of our mutual friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She advised me to get checked out, just in case. Just in case what?! I don’t believe I need a mammogram because I feel so amazing. I eat well, I exercise, and I pray. Breast cancer is NOT my portion at all! Is there any valid reason to get a mammogram at this point even though I feel fine?

~Missed My Mammograms


Dear Missed My Mammograms,

Breast health is extremely important, and yes routine mammograms are recommended even if you feel perfectly fine. Mammograms are x-raying images of the breasts that help find tumours which can develop that you may be unable to feel on your own. So although you have never noticed any lumps or problems with your breasts, it is important to understand that some individuals may present with breast cancer without even exhibiting any symptoms. Nonetheless, a breast mammogram is quite beneficial for screening purposes and early detection of breast cancer. 

Additionally, your risk for breast cancer heightens with age. Most cases of this cancer affect those who are 50 years of age and above. The bottom line is that routine mammograms are an integral component of your health maintenance. Screening for breast cancer will ultimately aid in finding cancer in the early disease stages; this translates into greater treatment options, higher survival rates, and overall improved health outcomes.




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