Dr. Nesochi discusses anorexia nervosa on the talk show Hello Nigeria.

I had a wonderful time as a guest on the talk show Hello Nigeria. The hosts of the show are just awesome and we always have a lively and informative health chat any time I drop by. The topic of discussion for Health Tuesday was anorexia nervosa and body image.

Here is a quick recap of our anorexia discussion. (Also watch the interview below):

5 Things to know about anorexia nervosa

(1) It is a very serious eating disorder in which one restricts food intake such that they become underweight. Those affected by the condition may have an extreme fear of weight gain and partake in dangerous habits to remain thin. Often times there is an associated problem with body image distortion.
(2) It affects both men and women of various races. It is not a condition seen only in the western world.
(3) Several health complications may arise as a result of the condition including cardiac arythmias, dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities, and infertility.
(4) When left untreated it can lead to death; There is a high rate of suicide in those with the condition.
(5) Recovery may be a long journey for some, but it is possible with treatment. Treatment may entail ongoing consultation with medical professionals, mental health providers, and nutritionists. The earlier you get help, the better your chances for recovery.




Right before I went on live for my #HealthTuesday segment.


Photo op with the fab hosts of Hello Nigeria.


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