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February 4, 2018

Dr. Nesochi talks about things triggering your headaches on Reader’s Digest.

13 Surprising Things That Could Be Triggering Your Headaches BY KIMBERLY HOLLAND A screaming kid, a looming deadline, a smelly car—all annoying, but also potential headache […]
February 3, 2018

Dr. Nesochi talks about physical health issues misdiagnosed for mental health disorders on Bustle.

6 Physical Health Issues That Are Often Misdiagnosed For Mental Health Disorders By Carina Wolff images courtesy of Bustle When it comes to feelings of anxiety […]
February 2, 2018

Dr. Nesochi discusses potential causes of night sweats on SELF.

11 Potential Causes of Those Night Sweats That Leave You Drenched By Nina Bahadur Photography via SELF Your bed shouldn’t double as a swimming pool. Chances […]
January 30, 2018

Dr. Nesochi talks about common habits causing hemorrhoids on Bustle.

7 Common Habits You Didn’t Know Cause Hemorrhoids By CARINA WOLFF Getting a hemorrhoid is unpleasant and uncomfortable, and if you’ve ever had one, you might […]
January 30, 2018

Dr. Nesochi discusses “gross” things that are good for you on Bustle.

6 “Gross” Things That Are Shockingly Good For You By CARINA WOLFF photos courtesy of Bustle When we think of healthy habits, we think about working […]
January 28, 2018

Dr. Nesochi discusses foods you should avoid on vacation on Reader’s Digest.

11 Foods You Should Avoid on Vacation by:Amy Gorin, MS, RDN Photos courtesy of Reader’s Digest   Don’t let foodborne illness or tummy troubles ruin your […]
January 25, 2018

Dr. Nesochi talks about body odors that actually mean you’re healthy on Bustle.

5 Weird Body Odors That Actually Mean You’re Healthy By CARINA WOLFF When you get a sniff of your body odor and it’s not pleasant, it’s […]
January 11, 2018

Dr. Nesochi explains what a hickey is on AskMen.

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Once And For All (You’re Welcome) by: Danielle Page   If you’re […]
January 9, 2018

Dr. Nesochi talks about mistakes people make when sharing a bed on Bustle.

6 Gross Mistakes People Make When Sharing A Bed With Someone By CARINA WOLFF   Sleeping in the same bed as someone usually means cuddles and comfort, […]

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