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June 25, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about how many calories sex can burn on Reader’s Digest.

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn? by Emily DiNuzzo and Brooke Nelson JACOB LUND/SHUTTERSTOCK Research says the count can vary—but odds are, it won’t replace a […]
June 12, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about which situation is germier on Reader’s Digest.

Can You Guess Which Situation Is Germier Than the Other? by: Kelsey Kloss & Emily DiNuzzo What’s more gross: sharing soap or deodorant? Eating food that […]
May 19, 2019

Dr. Nesochi discusses things your hair can tell you about your health on Bustle.

7 Things Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health By ANNAKEARA STINSON Ashley Batz/Bustle Perhaps it’s obvious, but it’s amazing how connected everything in the body […]
May 19, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about how much water you should drink a day on Reader’s Digest.

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day? by Emily DiNuzzo Hydration sometimes takes a backseat to other health goals or priorities. Yes, there’s likely more […]
May 10, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about diabulimia on Allure.

Diabulimia Is the Lesser-Known Eating Disorder That Affects Diabetics by Suzannah Weiss It’s a lesser-known eating disorder, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly dangerous. Here’s […]
May 7, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about penis size and shoe size on INSIDER.

Science says there’s no correlation between penis size and shoe size by Sophia Mitrokostas  It’s a common belief that shoe size correlates with penis size. No […]
April 30, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks to CBS news about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine–Watch now.

The flu vaccine is 59% effective — is that good enough? FEBRUARY 25, 2016, 11:09 AM | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this […]
April 25, 2019

Dr. Nesochi talks about diabetes on HealthiNation –Watch now.

      Alcohol and Diabetes: How to Drink Safely You can imbibe when you have diabetes, but follow these tips to protect your health.   […]
April 17, 2019

Dr. Nesochi discusses washing your hands after touching things on Reader’s Digest.

Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These 10 Things by: Emily DiNuzzo Washing your hands is a given if you want to avoid germs—but it’s especially […]

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