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The Coronavirus pandemic is now a global crisis. There is certainly a lot of confusion about what is fact versus fiction regarding this novel virus. We all continue to learn more about COVID-19 on a day to day basis. Remember, you can obtain all of the latest information about this pandemic on the CDC and World Health Organization websites.


Check out all of my media interviews about the coronavirus COVID-19 below. 





PlusTV talk show  #WAYS:




CBS News

The New Us: Social and cultural changes that experts hope will continue post-pandemic

by Stefany Valderrama | Friday, May 8th 2020


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As we look at the world and our lives impacted by COVID-19, some of the most profound changes we’re experiencing are also some of the most human.

In just a few short weeks, fear of infection has forced us to reshape nearly every aspect of our lives.

“There will be no more handshakes. There are no more hugs. There are no more high-fives,” said Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, Health and Wellness Expert.

It starts at hello. Human interaction is changing at a fundamental level thanks to Coronavirus.

“What we are seeing now is definitely going to move forward into our new normal,” Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe told CBS12 News. “Even a year from now, two years from now, people are going to be reluctant to even give that handshake and it’s going to be understandable because things have changed as a result of this pandemic.”


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Dr. Nesochi interviewed by Stefany Valderrama  of CBS12 for coronavirus story on social and cultural changes post pandemic.




Reader’s Digest Interview 05/2020:

13 Things You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself During Quarantine

by: Meghan Jones

Self-diagnosing medical conditions:

There’s a reason health care workers are essential! Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, M.D., warns that trying to diagnose, and, especially, treat, a health condition yourself can always be dangerous. Yes, right now you may—rightly—be reluctant to actually go to the doctor or urgent care and add to any burden on the health system. But that doesn’t mean you should self-diagnose. If you have a genuine pressing concern about your health, you can still call your doctor. “Keep in mind that most doctors are offering virtual telemedicine services and many health insurance carriers are even waiving co-pays for these telehealth visits during the coronavirus pandemic,” Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe says. “So if you have a health concern, you should touch base with your doctor.”

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PlusTV Video– Coronavirus Explainer (02/2020)

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Reader’s Digest Interview 03/2020:

13 Everyday Habits That Could (and Should) Change Forever After Coronavirus

by: Elizabeth Yuko

“In this new era of the coronavirus and the practice of social distancing, there will undoubtedly be a cultural shift in the way we all greet one another,” Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, MD, an internist and health expert, tells Reader’s Digest. “Shaking hands, high fives, hugs, and kisses are modes of greeting to be abandoned at this point. Social greetings may now entail a hand on the heart, a head nod, or pretty much any action that enables one to avoid direct touch or contact.”

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ARISE TV–The Morning Show (02/2020):

I spent the morning with the amazing ladies of Arise TV #TheMorningShow discussing  prevention strategies and also demystifying myths about COVID-19.


Morning glam & prep for the interview on Arise TV


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I joined hosts  @ayomairoese & @mazinoappeal  for a great interview  discussing myths and facts about Coronavirus.



PlusTV talk show  #WAYS:

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Truly had a blast on air and behind the scenes with the lovely ladies of the @plustvafrica #talkshow@waysshowafrica … 🙏🏽 thanks for a fantastic discussion!


Morning glam…



PLUS TVAfrica News On The Hour:


Is Nigeria 🇳🇬 actually prepared for the CoronaVirus? I discussed this and more on #NewsOnTheHour


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morning glam…





Great #radio interview on #TheBreakfastShow … talking more about the #coronavirus, followed by some commercial voice overs with my #health tips for prevention!


Q: Is there treatment or a vaccination available now for the coronavirus?

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ARISE Xchange NYC:


As more cases continue to emerge globally, try not to panic and really focus on #prevention strategies… Maintain proper hygiene habits:

***Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (at least for 20 seconds)


***Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes

****Avoid those who are sick

*** Don’t go to school/work if you are sick!!!

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  1. Chinyere says:

    Thank you Dr. Nesochi. I remember seeing your “end of the world” post at the beginning of the month. So prescient. Now, with all the uncertainty, it is so reassuring to hear your advice and information on the novel COVID. God Bless you.

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