Dr. Nesochi gives her top tips to battle summer colds.

I’m super excited to be the Mucinex spokesperson this #cold and #flu season to let you know how best to tackle all of your cold and flu symptoms!

We are well into the summer season, and there is nothing worse than having to endure symptoms of #cough and #congestion during these hot and humid months. Find out the best strategies to battle all of your cold symptoms during the summer time in this article which I give some tips on beating a summer cold.

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4 Top Tips to Battle Summer Colds

(StatePoint) Warm, sunny weather doesn’t mean the risk for catching a cold disappears. Unfortunately, colds can happen at any time of year and can really ruin much anticipated summer plans.

To stay healthy and help beat the common cold this summer season, consider these tips from Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, a New York City-based physician and health and wellness expert:

• Maintain good sleep hygiene. Are these long summer evenings tempting you to burn the candle at both ends? Don’t give in! Maintaining good sleep habits can ultimately help keep your immune system in check. Adults should sleep at least seven to nine hours every night to achieve improved health outcomes. If you uphold a good sleep routine, it will enable you to sleep well throughout the night and obtain the recommended amount needed for stronger immunity. Remember that sleep deprivation weakens your immune system and increases the likelihood of picking up infections.

• Keep moving. It’s essential to integrate some form of exercise into your daily life. Beyond benefits like improved cardiovascular health and weight maintenance, those adhering to regular exercise regimens tend to be healthier overall and may potentially experience fewer colds yearly. Indeed, routine physical activity helps to boost your immune system. Luckily, the summer is the perfect time to keep moving, but remember to stay hydrated in the heat.

• Eat right. Back-to-back BBQ parties? What you eat really matters. Avoid the tempting junk food and highly processed food that can negatively impact your health. Also, never underestimate the benefits of sticking to a well-balanced nutrient- and antioxidant-rich diet in general. Your diet should include vitamin-rich cruciferous vegetables, fresh fruit, fish containing omega 3 fatty acids and other superfoods that can boost your immune system and help you recover faster in times of illness.

• Fight the cold. If you do experience a summer cold, seek out an over-the-counter solution that helps you fight through your symptoms, such as Mucinex DM, which offers the convenience of not having to retake medication every four hours. It is a bilayer tablet that has one layer that releases quickly and another layer that provides extended release that lasts for 12 hours. Stock up on it year-round to be prepared for the next time cough and chest congestion symptoms hit.

Find out more health tips on how to combat the common cold at Mucinex.com.
Don’t take summer colds lightly! A few smart strategies can help boost your wellness and allow you to enjoy a healthier season on the go.
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